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Voice Xtreme X5 – An Elegant Entrant into World’s Smartphones Race

Posted: October 21, 2014 at 6:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

It was all started at an evening when I left the office, and I made up my mind to change my cell phone. I was using quad core HTC and I was very impressed with it actually.

I eventually decided to sell it off and aimed at experiencing the next level. I already saw that Rs 30,000/- is an economical range to buy one. I found out that there is an Octa core phone is available in Pakistan, and later on I came to know that this the world’s first 8 core processor phone.

Voice Xtreme X5 

I just got one, it was Extreme X5 by Voice Mobile, and I was compelled to make a note out of it. I am using mobile phone since the start of mobile service in Pakistan. I remember the heavy duty Motorola and Nokia Handsets with an antenna on it. I tried almost every brand and I witnessed the evolution of the mobile phones and the birth of smartphones in the world.

voice v5 octacore


Image credit: Voice Mobile

I am more than impressed by this extremely exciting experience of X5 and just a few days back when I got this mobile set, after using and analyzing it, I actually found it a very high-end handset for every type of mobile phone user.

Enriched Value and Accessories

It’s quite simply rich in its look and feel and I am so impressed that there were two spare casings in it, the black and white.

Accessories addition like a spare screen protector with one on top already there for me. For a while, I just thought that this mobile manufacture has turned out to be a real customer carer. Its sales service and customer experience are beyond the expectations and it was great to have these tiny, yet useful items.

With dual SIM option and 16GB internal memory, I only knew that its Octa core, I was very thrilled and excited about other features. After charging and loading SIMs, I finally turned it on. The first thing I said to myself about this 8 core experience was ‘Awesome’ . With many advanced features it has screen controlling button and the most impressive was the speed it functions at.

If I have to calculate it, I will say it’s going from a car to a Jet plane with 8 engines and a turbo installed. I loaded not less than 20 heavy-duty games in it and they were so smooth that I cannot imagine such experience in quad core really. I tried out my 3G services and I don’t know but there is a magic this cell phone has as if it sucks the data because I was using the same 3G on my other handsets too.

I tried connecting my laptop with its Wifi hotspot which enables me to enjoy 3G on the go for up to five devices. With fantastic speed the most amazing feature was the battery timing. It lasted for over 2 days after my first full charge. Now this is what I call a wow experience and that’s what we need, the speed and the battery and it has a right combo I must say.

I continue my journey to explore the world of smartphones and with the experience of X5, I think the jet Engines like mobile phones got born, and I’ll keep on looking for them, pursuing them and finding ways out there. It reminds me that Ad of Voice Mobile in which a man sets itself up with this mobile phone which makes the user as powerful as its shown in the TV commercial, a transformer loaded with 5 inches multi touch screen , geared with 2GB Ram, HD 13 pixel camera, the video playback function and 8 turbo engines – The processors, its Chips which meters at 1.7 ghz each having all 8 cores active together – It shows fast speed and the most advanced performance in the world of smartphones.

Author: This Post is written by S. Ahmad. He is a Telecom Expert, Tech-geek and Android fan. 

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