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Wasim Akram Promotes Dany Genius Tablet and Phablet Devices

Posted: March 6, 2014 at 1:07 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dany Technologies is a China-based Multi-national brand entering into Pakistan with a new product-line – This time Android tablets – Dany and Audionic aren’t new in Pakistan market – IT and Computer Networking specialists and buyers already know this brand quite well.

So this time, Dany uses the perfect conditions – Entering into the empty-space of Android tablets as I use to say ‘Cashing the Empty Space‘ – Well, Dany has been quite successful with IT Products and PC Accessories – They have left their mark, they have made their brand and identity, so they are going to cash it now from Android tablets as well.

Haven’t seen any specific and emerging Android Tablets brand in Pakistan?

Nobody thought that way – QMobile used the space for getting specific for Android Smartphones in Pakistan market, and they did it – Now they claim to be Pakistan’s Best-Selling Smartphone brand – Probably they are, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken Bollywood and Pakistan’s top stars in their commercials.

What I like about Dany’s Android tablets Campaign is that they tried to follow the emerging trend of Marketing and getting endorsed by the bigger celebrities – You might find a huge impact and a trend of getting more Pakistan sportsmen and Celebs into the advertisements now.


Image credit: Dany Technologies

QMobile Actually started this off – A number of Pakistani and India Stars have been seen in QMobile TV Commercials – Rumors say that QMobile might be taking Angelina Jolie in its next commercial – Don’t know about that!


Wasim Akram has been recently appeared in Dany’s Commercial – It would definitely boost up their sales – Dany Tech’s Website Alexa rank also started boosting up, because people want to check new products and especially when endorsed by a top celeb of the country – I have heard two people in-person who are going to buy Dany Genius Android tablets.


Image credit: Dany Technologies

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