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WeChat Android App Review

Posted: June 11, 2013 at 7:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

WeChat Android App is a famous App for free text messaging, voice messaging and video calling from your Android Phone. WeChat is available on all major mobile OS like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Phone. This is a unique and most amazing free text messaging and calling app that offers video calls as well.

Now call freely through your Android phone using WeChat Android App and talk to your family and loved ones with secure and private conversation experience. WeChat Android App is fast, its reliable, its secure and most importantly its private.


WeChat Android App is one of the most downloaded free text messaging and free calling Android Apps. The reason of the big number of downloads and users base is its quality and performance which tends people to stick with it and to refer to others, this is how a product which works good and performs beneficially for users becomes famous worldwide.

WeChat Android App is better to use on wifi connection, but some users in the world use WeChat Android App on data plans and packages from their mobile connection companies. It is better and more reliable to set up wifi internet at home or office to use this type of Android Apps to interact with friends and family. Android Smart phones best part is the wifi option.


WeChat Android App has crossed 10 million downloads from Google Play. Such a big number of downloads guarantees that WeChat Android App is one of the best Android App of its type and stays ahead among the competition in the industry.

Why to Use WeChat Android App?

It is free and it is a big plus for this App. Most of the enormous and outstanding Android Apps are free to use and it becomes a key reason for those apps to get success. The graphics, programming, user interface of WeChat Android App is so awesome that attract users to see it and use it whenever a user gets time or needs to talk to his friend or colleagues.


WeChat Android App can be used for private discussion, business talks, family calling and for many other reasons. Guess, you are watching TV in your apartment and you suddenly get a reminder on the calendar of your mobile phone about friend’s birthday and you suddenly check him on the WeChat and guess what, he is online and just call him and wish him a very happy birthday!


No matter what you are doing, or where you are, if you are connected to the wifi, just use this WeChat Android App to talk to your friends and family and stay connected with your closed ones.

Have a look on the top and most amazing Features of WeChat Android App


Features of WeChat Android App

– WeChat Android App helps you in talking freely and anywhere from your Android Phone.

– Voice clarity and perform calling makes this app outstanding.

– Most Impressive option is video calling to the family members and friends.

– Send text messages to friends and loved with WeChat Android App for free.

– Text messaging works like chat box or chat software.

– Share and send photos and videos to your friends who are using WeChat Android App on Android.

– WeChat Android App will remain active and keep on online.

– It gets messages quickly within no time.

– WeChat Android App has the options to comments, like and share photos.

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