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Will Nokia launch Android Smartphones? [Speculation]

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Nokia has been one of the major mobile phone manufacturers of the world. Nokia is famous in all parts of the world and ruled many areas of the world before the advent of Smart phones. A decade back when there was no concept of Smartphones, Nokia mobiles had been most sensational cellular products.

Samsung, LG, HTC were the competition and Nokia covered whole global market in the past. Nokia’s domination looked to go down when Smart phones came to the scene and other brands took the lead in designing and establishing their class in Smart phone category of mobile phones.


Apple introduced iPhone, Samsung, HTC and NEC started producing Smart phones and somehow Apple’s iOS based iPhone totally covered the market of Smart phones. iPhone’s first model was released on June 29, 2013 and it was named iPhone 1st generation, after that four more editions of iPhone released. Last and latest version of iPhone was called iPhone5 and released in September 21, 2012.

Nokia Smart Phones

Nokia is not a major player in Smart phone market. There was a time when Nokia dominated in the mobile phone world but Smart phone turned the things around for other competitors. Nokia managed to enter to the Smart phone world few years back seeing the trend and concept of communication and cellular technology. Nokia joined hands with Microsoft for getting mobile operating system and brought smart phones with Windows Phone OS.

According to different surveys and analysis around 3% of world’s smart phones are Windows Phone OS based where as 51% is being covered by Android OS of Google and almost 19% of world’s smart phones are iOS based (iPhones) and remaining percentage of Smart phones belongs to other operating systems and brands.


Experts believe Nokia’s entry into the smart phone market with Lumia series might vitalize the Windows Phone and bring some good results for Nokia and Windows Phone OS as well. Nokia is the main buyer of Windows Phone OS from Microsoft.

Nokia and Android

Experts and Analysts believe that Android has set a standard and momentum in the world smart phone market and now top mobile manufacturing brands want Android OS for their Smart phones and even customers want to buy Android based Smart phones from different manufacturers.

According to an opinion, Android might take 67.1% of the world smart phones market share by 2017 and Windows Phone might reach to 12% and Apple’s iOS might go little down from 19%. The future’s scene just looks bright for Android.


Now the big question that comes here is, Will Nokia adopt Android OS in Future? Do you want to see Nokia Android Phones? Is Nokia Android Phones a possibility? Experts think and talk about this possibility but this speculation never turned to any rumor yet which becomes a news and social media gossip.

Nokia Android phones possibility can’t be ignored and denied. There are people who have used Symbian Nokia phone sets and they were considered best at that time when LG, Samsung, HTC, and NEC were all there in the market and Nokia dominated everywhere. So if Nokia brings Android Phone, then people would love to check the performance and result of the Nokia Android phones.

If this happens, Nokia might stop or leave Windows Phone OS by Microsoft. Can Nokia bear all that deals cancellation and project termination, if Nokia thinks and believe that it can manage all that stuff, and then they might take a bold step to stop Windows Phone manufacturing and bring Nokia’s Android phones in the future?

If Nokia brings Android Phone or similar version of same Smart phones in Android, then it might be only possible in 2014 or 2015.

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