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WWDC 2014: Apple Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in San Francisco

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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC is an annual conference of Apple Inc. to provide a chance of meet-up to Apple Engineers and App Developers. WWDC14 is scheduled to be held in San Francisco, California during 2-6 June 2014.

Expectations go up from iPhone and iPad users when WWDC is announced every year, because new announcements and releases are expected from Apple. Last year, iOS 7 was announced at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC13) on June 10, 2013, and released on September 18, 2013.

Now this June conference might be bringing iOS 8 or may be iPhone 6 – It has been expected and rumored by Apple fans and users – iPad, Macbook and Mac PC Users are curious about the upcoming announcements from Apple. They want to know whether only iPhone users are going to get OS update or few more releases and updates for other Apple products can be revealed.


Image credit: Apple Inc. 

iPhone Users and Apple fans want to know all updates, new product features, designs, release dates, functionalities and prices. iPhone 6 has been rumored to arrive in 2014, and after Samsung Galaxy S5 Release in March 2014, it had been expected that Apple (biggest Android and Samsung Competitor) will be releasing its latest iPhone product very soon…

It might be the moment which was planned by Apple, and it might be the right time for Apple to announce upcoming and awaited iPhone 6 Smartphone with iOS 8.

iOS 8 and iPhone 6 have been rumored to arrive together – It makes sense, Apple might not be considering to release iOS 8 for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C – Strategically it can decrease the value of next iPhone device from iPhone 5S which looks to be iPhone 6.

WWDC 2014 Attendance

It has been learnt that until 2007, Apple observed around 4000 attendees, later on after 2008 it went near 5000, and now it might be between 5000 to 5200. Despite the fact that Apple gives limited seats or makes limited span of attendees at WWDC 2014, one thing is sure, WWDC 2014 is going to get a huge attention worldwide.

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