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Xbox One Released on 22 November 2013 – 1 Million Units Sold

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Xbox One has been released in United States and according to Forbes 1 million units of latest Microsoft’s gaming console have been sold out on day 1 of the launch which sets a huge competition in the market and rang the bell for 1 week old rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 which was launched on Nov. 15, 2013.

Xbox One has been stepped-in into the US market with huge placement and bang as gaming industry has a huge impact in today’s e-commerce and tech markets. Sony’s next gen gaming console PlayStation 4 has been seen one of the best gaming products from Sony, and similarly Xbox One has been considered best from its house.

Gaming fans did not make any mind or opinion about Xbox one and PlayStation 4 that which is the best gaming console, as both consoles are in their first month and gaming enthusiasts and geeks will keep on using and testing the consoles for couple of weeks to finally reach to any decisive result on this.


Both [consoles] are considered amazing products from their fans – Xbox 360 probably moving to Xbox One where as PlayStation 3 users might be going to PlayStation 4 for sure.

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