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Yahoo Video Website to Arrive Soon

Posted: May 29, 2014 at 2:56 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Yahoo’s Video Website talks went to the back-foot until rumors about Yahoo’s plan to start its own Youtube like video content website became a hot news again this week. Youtube users and Yahoo fans are excited to analyze both video sites as soon as possible.

Now again Youtube like Yahoo’s video site discussion started when various media groups and specially AdAge revealed Yahoo’s Plan to face Youtube as rival in Video Content Industry.

Various Blogs believe that Yahoo is keen to pay higher amounts to the publishers than Youtube. Youtube is probably the biggest video content portal, and Yahoo’s action to rival Youtube won’t be easy at all.

Yahoo would certainly need to pay better rates to the video content publishers, and it might need to bring more flexibility in terms and conditions, features and rates of course to add a big pool of content makers and video publishers to start making an impact.

It has been learnt that Yahoo has been quite busy in dealing major service providers and experts to implement video site strategy – According to LatinPost, once Yahoo tried to buy French Video Giant DailyMotion, but remained fail to acquire, and similarly deal of acquisition of Hulu by Yahoo also remained unsuccessful.

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Experts give Yahoo’s video site importance, because Yahoo is a huge-platform now – It is itself a search portal, one of the biggest free email services, an entertainment and news portal, and now Yahoo owns one of the famous blogging platforms Tumblr,  and these are the factors that are going to add advantage to the Yahoo’s video site.

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