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Yahoo May Launch Its Own Youtube-Like Video Website

Posted: April 5, 2014 at 10:36 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Have you heard the news of Yahoo’s plan to make its own Youtube-like Videos Site? No? … I have got this news on the Social Media, and I got totally stunned (kind of happy) … Its huge shock for Youtube alternative websites which are pretty famous in their territories.

But, its a huge news if that’s happening (Actually) – I personally read this news on – Its a famous social media and tech online publication portal.

Well, there are many other resources telling that Yahoo has been quite busy these days while reaching to the big content creators who are active on Youtube and earning a lot – Obviously Yahoo has to come with great pricing + ad features to compete with search engine giant’s Youtube.

Youtube has been huge – Just like Google…

Although, Yahoo should remember that they have to find the opportunities, and actually grab them without any hesitation. Its clear Yahoo can’t just win against Youtube, but they would be able to survive only if they bring something new into the market.

Yahoo_Video_Website launch youtube alternative

Google remained there when Microsoft launched Bing – Bing has been in top 21 most visited websites in the world, and there linkage with Facebook somehow helps them. Bing still competes with Google, they went straight to the different and much more appealing look (at first sight) – You like Bing’s homepage or not, but I do… its theme changing feature is quite good, but search engines are known for their results, quality of searches, algorithms, user engagement and extra features inside the bucket. Bing has a long way to go…

Coming back to the point…

Yahoo’s vision to bring a Youtube Alternative isn’t a bad idea – There are areas exist where a competitor can come and make its place in the video industry – The biggest edge Youtube can take is to offer a wide range of Content monetization options¬† –¬† that can turn things around for them.

Youtube is known for its Adsense linkage, and most of the youtube contributors make money from Google’s PPC Network (probably) – Yahoo must bring a wide range of Content Monetization methods to open up the ways for Video Content Creators to jump in, and start making their video content on Yahoo’s Video Site.

I’ll be writing a bunch of more suggestions in the separate article which might help readers (and Yahoo as well) – Obviously Yahoo isn’t going to read that, but if they would do, they’ll smile and kind of happy to read those suggestions…

Okay, Good luck Yahoo!

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