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Youtube Android App Updated

Posted: June 11, 2013 at 10:27 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Youtube Android App has been updated on the Google play and Android users who might have waited few weeks for this update. It finally arrives now. Youtube Android App updated on June 04, 2013.

If your Android Phone has a feature of auto update and you have activated this option then surely you Youtube Android App will get downloaded and updated automatically where as if you did not notice and nothing happened related to this on your Android phone then you should update this soon manually.

Why Youtube Android App?

Just like Youtube website, Youtube Android App is equally famous among Android phone users. Do you know Android OS covers more than 51% of world smart phones according to a survey, where as 69% Chinese and almost 70% Australian Smart phone users use Android Smart phones? Android OS is no doubt a famous Smart phone Operating system and now being used in many brands. Samsung is on top among all the smart phone brands, HTC and few other local brands in Asia are also using Android in their Smart phones. iball in India and QMobile in Pakistan are also offering Android Phones.

Youtube is considered one of the most famous websites in the world and it is in top 10 most visited websites on earth. Youtube Android App adds more value to the Google’s Youtube. Android and Youtube are both products of Google Inc.

Image Courtesy: Youtube/Google

Image Courtesy: Youtube/Google

A common Android Phone user might be using Youtube Android App and many of them will get to know or just recall Youtube and try to find Youtube Android App on Google play that is why Youtube Android App has 1,441,864 ratings on the Google Play and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. These figures show the popularity and demand of the Youtube and Youtube Android App. The passion of youtube and Android mix it up for Youtube Android App and thats why Android Users use Youtube Android App.

Music lovers who listen and watch latest Bollywood film songs on the Youtube, they can get this Youtube Android App and watch bollywood movies songs right on their Android phones using Youtube Android App. Are you a fan of Hollywood films and waiting to watch many Hollywood film trailers, then you must check this and install it on your Android phone, Youtube Android App will give you the chance to check and watch latest Hollywood movies trailers. Go ahead and enjoy video songs, movie trailers, funny videos, sports highlights and many other videos you may light to watch, even TV Channels upload their TV program recordings, use this app to watch all that entertainment you missed on the TV.

What is new in Youtube 4.5.17?

Following Updates and new functionalities would be seen in this updated version:

– Youtube Android App 4.5.17 has now become more efficient and useful for Android Users.

– This Youtube Android App version now gives an option to quickly access the features without finding headache.

– Video suggestions become more clear and efficient in this version.

– Previous version bugs removed in this version of Youtube Android App.

– More stable and compiled version of Youtube Android App released this time.

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