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Zong Celebrates 25 Million Customers in Pakistan

Posted: April 1, 2014 at 11:05 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Zong is Pakistan’s major Cellular Service and the investment of China Mobile Company in Pakistan. China Mobile entered into Pakistan Cellular Market as CMPak after acquiring Paktel Cellular Service in 2008, and relaunched the brand as Zong.

Recently Zong announced 25 Million Subscribers milestone on its official website – Its been a satisfactory journey of Zong as Cellular Startup in Pakistan – A country which hasn’t been seen with much great developments due to severe political, terrorism and governing issues for last one decade – Still its optimism is there for better conditions and future as Pakistan is always considered a hut of talent, whether is a Sports, IT, Technology, Art and Craft or Agriculture, Country of 180 million people looks to keep rolling and looking for a better dawn.

Even though, slow tech and development investment keeps on coming – While events like entry of the Market entrants in the telecommunication, IT, Technology, Electronics and Show-Business tell us how much the land is enriched with greenery of talent.

Zong’s 25 Million Customers Celebration might be an eye-opener for Investors and Companies sitting in Middle East and coming from North America and Europe to UAE to invest in Asia, and still neglecting Pakistan and bearing much more transportation and setup costs for sitting in South East Asia.

Pakistan is about to launch 3G/4G technology and auction of 3G/4G Spectrum was scheduled for April 2014 – PTA the leading Telecommunication Authority in Pakistan looks very keen and dedicated to launch this technology as soon as possible in the country.

Recently Information Session for Prospective Bidders was held at PTA headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan – Tech-Geeks, Smartphone Users, Telecom Experts and Cellular Services are keen to see major updates in the 3G/4G technology launch in Pakistan. It might be arrived in 2014-2015.

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Image credit: CMPak/Zong

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